The next romance is on its way . . .

It’s been hot here, in New Zealand. How I love the summertime, but of course, I spend it out of doors, basking in the clear fresh waters and camping, or cycling to work or on adventures, or holidaying with friends.

However, I DID get my next manuscript in to the publishers in November last year, and I heard last week that it was accepted for publication, and will be going through the edit process soon. I can’t wait. At the moment it is called ‘Tinker’s Boy’ – but that may change.

Set in 1668 in Essex, England, it follows the journey of a young woman who disguises herself as a lad to escape life married to an obnoxious nobleman. She meets a tinker, who is also not what he seems, and the two set out on an onward path toward adventure.

I enjoyed writing Samantha’s story, and the story kept me tripping along, barely able to keep up. It’s one I hope you all enjoy too.

I found an oil painting of the time, to whet your appetites and get you in the frame of mind for the story. Until then . . . watch this space.

17th century


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