Summer almost here


I finally got out this morning early and went for my walk along the inner harbour here at Te Atatu, Auckland. It feels a long time since I did one, and I am looking forward to starting this pattern of exercise again. It’s just so easy to slip in front of my computer and start typing and suddenly look up to find it is already lunchtime.

I handed another completed story in to my publishers last week, and eagerly waiting – make that nervously waiting – to hear back. Meanwhile I am editing and expanding on my younger teen’s story of a young boy who discovers a magical pearl that allows him to swim underwater. Nice to keep a variety in writing styles.

I’ll get back to it then.


2 thoughts on “Summer almost here

  1. Exercise is good for the soul as well as the body Jenny, and walking gives you a chance to let your mind wander freely.
    Looking forward to your next publications, especially the young teen story. It sounds like something that would appeal to my 11yr old granddaughter!

    Happy writing, and good luck.

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